Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hi folks, I'm back. I''ve been out there studying lists. Now I don't have a list, so I'm going to get out there and learn how to create a list, and how to build up that list as I go. right now, I'm studying some materials from Tellman Knudson's Listbuilding club. As I do, I'll pop back in and let you know what I've found, but if you want some great info on the subject of list building you have got to go to the link on the right entitled BUILD YOUR LIST. Or, just type in this link in your address bar for some really great offers - ! Mary Gersten's program is helping me understand the individual steps needed to establish an affiliate link and then the steps necessary to market a product or a web site, and I've got to tell you, I am a rank beginner at all this stuff, but Mary Gersten's program has taught me to do things that I didn't even know had to be done! Through the CMPS program (which you can access 24/7 just by clicking either the 24 HOUR WEB CASH or the MY WEB STORE links to the right) I have gone from hearing the term 'affiliate' for the first time to having set up my own website blog and affiliate links, and seeing the dizzying array of marketing techniques that I can learn in order to become a successful internet business owner! I really am excited about this incredible journey I've begun -- and I'll be giving you some insights into the journey I have been on so far, as well as the footsteps I am taking now. Now that I've established my web site and my affiliate links the way that Mary Gersten taught me, I'm going to look into the matter of list building. I'm pretty sure we are not talking about to do lists, but let's see. OK, it's more like a Christmas (winter solstice) card list -- only, hopefully, lots, lots,LOTS bigger! First I'm going to see what the CMPS program has to teach on the subject and then I'm going to check out more of Tellman Knudsen's Listbuilding Club's free stuff. See you soon, Dancing Warrior

Friday, May 1, 2009

Home Business! What is Attraction Or Authentic Marketing Anyway?

Mike Dillard was the first to write about Attraction Marketing. It's a style of marketing that refers to each of us "attracting" like-minded people back to us through the messages we broadcast through our marketing-in this case using the internet as our vehicle.
Attraction marketing is based on the law of attraction. Where you attract like to you. That's part of why I like and use the term "Authentic Marketing" more often now. It's about being yourself, developing yourself, and finding yourself in different circles...working with high quality business people.
What you do: is put who YOU are and the messages you deliver onto the internet that will interest people who are like-minded and have common goals. Your business becomes incredibly powerful when you invest in your own development, through training, mentorship, and personal development. It's a simple equation. When you have more to offer you will naturally attract higher quality business people. At the same time you will find yourself developing yourself. You will experience a more powerful and enjoyable personal life.
So to wrap up authentic marketing it is when offer a free report in exchange for their contact details. Then once you have connected with them you then can mention your Life path Business on the back end. The majority of people that fail in network marketing are those that promote their business opportunity right from the get go.
So what do you do- Think about who your target person will be and what problems they are facing, come up with either a video presentation or pdf document that addresses this problem and provides them with a solution ie (Lifepath). For example my target may be people looking for a home business, the problem is there are so many scams out there, I would put together a video on all the different home businesses I looked into and why I didn't join them or if I did let them know about your experience and right at the end say something like if you would like to save time and avoid being scammed then give me a call or email me and I will let you know about the home business that I decided to join and why I decided to join Life path.
Marketing Funnel: Setting up a marketing funnel allows your marketing to work on auto-pilot 24/7. You market your squeeze page (this is the page where you give the person the free info in exchange for their contact details, people go to your squeeze page and enter their details, they automatically get the free report and a continuation of emails that will help you connect more with your lead.
Now don't worry as this is a simple process all you have to do is provide the information when required.
I do recommend that you do purchase Mike Dillard's book Magnetic Sponsoring, he was the guru that started Attraction Marketing and it really is an eye opener.
2009 is the time to get involved.
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Little or no Money? Learn How to Make Money Online by Katie Finken

With 154 million Americans collecting unemployment benefits and no chance of finding work, supplementing the income is a necessary. While many of these people are, mowing lawns and looking to do odd jobs the others are beginning a business online. An online business is affordable to begin; at least cheaper than a traditional business, requiring a location, employees and inventory.
An online business is very simple to begin, when given the right information; you can make a successful career. Conversely, with information that is not complete or just bad, you will spend a ton of money without seeing a profit. It is very possible to begin a business with little or no money; just make sure you have good information.
There is a whole slue of online business opportunities available. Just to name a few, you can start an e-tail (online retail store), online trading, or internet marketing. Each has its own requirements for investing; both monetary and effort.
Internet marketing is the only one that allows you to make a successful career online with little or no money. How? Internet marketing is all "brain" and no "braun". You use knowledge and research to your advantage. When money is scarce, internet marketing is the smartest way to earn cash online. You do not need to be a rocket scientist or even hold a PhD to be successful. A fifth grader is capable of learning the basic concepts that are needed to master the techniques.
Instead of spending wads of cash to start a business, all you need is desire, dedication, and effort to start an internet marketing business. As with any business start-up, it will be hard and frustrating. By completing a few simple tasks each day, you will see a profit in less time than a traditional business. Overnight success is not an option. Just remember that starting strong and consistent will create an easier method to making money.
Using a solid program with detailed training, educational products for multiple streams of income, and great credentials from top earning internet marketers, you will have profits in a few months.
Simply put, to build a mini internet marketing empire, find yourself a solid internet-marketing program. Earning cash online is not a dream, but a reality for anyone looking to make a living working at home. Seriously, from experience, you need not have money to make money; your profits come from where and how you advertise. If you have money to invest, the better the profits; nonetheless, you are making a living from your home and working when you desire.
Just remember to always tell yourself that you are a successful internet marketer, believe it and you will go far! Here's to your success!
The hard work is literally done for you. The other products have been tested to see what works and what does not; so that you do not have to. If you desire to take advantage of the hard work then click the link to learn about Internet Marketing! You do want to make money online, don't you? For more information on working at home - click
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Hi! I'm Dancing Warrior, and I'm going to take you with me on my journey as I make my way through the process of creating a home business and learning to advertise that business. I am determined to succeed, and I have as my mentors the amazing support team at Mary Gersten's Global Cash Flow Network. Over the weeks and months to come, I'm going to keep you updated on my journey as well as offering you the opportunity to start your OWN home business, book recommendations (and a link to where to find them), E-bay treasures and also, hopefully, some stuff just to entertain you. I'm really looking forward to this, and to your comments and suggestions. Hey, maybe I could even provide a link to YOUR new home-based business! All my journeys have been wild so far, and this one may be the wildest yet. And you can be here from the start. I might even share some of those other wild rides. Who knows? The only thing I can guarrantee is that we're going to have fun, and that you can have your very own journey with a guarrantee that you'll make money, or get yours back at the link provided below. This is it for now, but I willl return with much, much more! Dancing Warrior